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A Decade of Renewal

The Fox Collection 2008-2018: A Decade of Renewal celebrates the opening of the Fox Collection's custom-built gallery. This dedicated gallery for the display of fashion exhibitions on Drexel's campus is a great gain for the prestigious collection. Along with it, the collection now has a specific space for study and research appointments.

All garments on display are acquisitions from the last ten years and primarily date to the second half of the 20th century. A few earlier pieces were included; an intrinsically beautiful eyelet tennis dress from 1910 and a hooded, lace evening coat by Jeanne Hallée, circa 1908.

The exhibition design with its color gradient layout was aesthetically pleasing, drawing you to each section in a natural way. The details on many of the pieces jumped out like lovely surprises. Personal favorites included a Moschino blazer equipped with door knocker and the practical pockets on an Oscar de la Renta evening gown.

The Fox Collection 2008-2018: A Decade of Renewal runs until March 23rd in the URBN center on the Drexel campus.

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