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Chatting with Meghan Malone

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Meghan Malone is a teacher, mother and fashion lover living in Wisconsin. We chatted recently about the personal intersection of life, faith and the way one adorns their body to express who they are.

Tell me a bit about who you are, your love of fashion, etc. 

When people ask me where I’m from, I don’t really know how to answer. My dad has been a pastor since I was born and because of that we’ve done a lot of moving. I spent equal time in New Jersey, a half an hour train ride from New York City, and an equal time in a rural town in Northeast Ohio. Two very drastically different cultures and environments! I’ve also lived in Kansas, Illinois and, now, Wisconsin. My love for fashion started in New Jersey. The emo/punk trend was hitting hard and I was all in (or as much as my parents would let me). And that is really where my journey began. Fingerless gloves, arm bands, all black everything, lots of eyeliner, Converse and ties (thanks Avril). From there I just experimented. When I moved to Ohio, I quickly realized I stuck out like a sore thumb at my high school, and I toned it down for a couple years. But it was such a part of who I was I said the heck with it, and wore what I wanted. I also got majorly into thrifting in high school which sparked my love for vintage clothing.

How would you described your style?

I would describe my style as a vintage inspired modern punk with a feminine twist. I like vintage clothes with vibes from the 70’s and from the 90’s. I still have rock and roll/punk roots with a more relaxed/grown up vibe. 

I know you're a great appreciator of music; how does that influence your day to day looks?

Music definitely has always influenced how I dress. Amy Lee from Evanescence was someone that inspired me growing up. I would search through random websites to find out what she wore off stage just as much as on stage. I still listen to a lot of punk, grunge, post-punk... music effects my mood and that translates into what I wear. I wear a lot of band tees. 

Tell me a bit about your faith and how that informs your aesthetic.

I’d say growing up, my faith definitely played a part in how I dressed. The whole “modest is hottest” mantra was in full force. I’ve always been a full-figured gal and this phrase really followed me everywhere. I don’t want to blame this phrase on the insecurity I developed about my body, but I think it definitely played a part. In middle school when I really started experimenting with fashion and my full figure showed up, I felt limited with what I could wear. Plus-size clothing wasn't fashionable and the idea that I couldn’t wear what I wanted because it didn’t fit into the fully covered mindset of the Christian world was limiting. "Modest is hottest" actually meant not following the current fashion trends.

As I grew older, I still had insecurities with my body because I didn’t fit in to the idea of what an “average girl” looked like. Especially in the early 2000’s, when super skinny, low-rise midriff revealing flare jeans and super tight tops were popular. I didn’t fit into that look. Somewhere along the way I just decided to do whatever I wanted to do and not care about what the current “trend” was or trying to look like the “average girl”.

My mom also played a huge role in that; she did teach me modesty but she also taught me to be myself and wear what I wanted. 

Tell me a bit about how motherhood has changed your life/outlook/fashion/etc.

When I was in the early stages of my pregnancy I decided that I wasn’t going to lose my style when I became a mom. I think deciding that early on has helped me adapt to being a mom. So much has changed since then, including my style. Motherhood changed how I thought about fashion.

Because I’m on a budget and I can’t go on shopping sprees, I’ve started shopping less fast fashion and more vintage/thrifting. It has helped me learn how to shop smarter, and I think it’s also important to teach my daughter how to be smart and responsible with the money God gives us. Sure, I still buy cheaper items from places like Target or Old Navy. But I am passionate about supporting local thrift stores and finding unique pieces to enhance my style. And I've found some really cute vintage pieces for my daughter, too!

How do you share fashion and faith with Naomi?

Right now my daughter is three and I am still teaching her the foundation of our faith, but I think this question ties in to the previous one. I'm teaching her to be wise with the money God gives us, not buying just to buy, or purchasing something because it’s a good deal, only to have it end up unworn after a month. Those are lessons that I’m trying to show her now. 

What are some good thrifting spots where you live? 

I live in the Milwaukee area and vintage fashion is really good here! There are some amazing local vintage shops I love supporting like Plume. It’s owned by two gals who can help you pull together vintage looks in their store. I also just shop the tried and true local Goodwill’s and Salvation Army; some of my favorite vintage finds are from different chain thrift stores. 

Just for fun, what are some of you favorite brands in general, including beauty/hair?

Clothing: Some of my favorite things are old pieces from Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21 or thrifted. Newer brands I’ve been following are Joanie Clothing, ASOS, and Bliss Branch, which is a curated online vintage shop started by a gal I follow on Instagram, Karsyn DuPree. And I’d say half of my wardrobe is different band tees. 

Shoes: I am a loyal Vans and Converse girl since birth. I’ve always coveted and wanted a pair of Doc Martens boots, and last year my sweet brothers got me a pair. I am saving up for two other pairs right now. 

Beauty/Hair: I have been slowly using up the current products I have and replacing them with all natural organic alternatives. Glossier is definitely a top beauty brand I love. I recently subscribed to a natural beauty subscription box and I have fallen in love with a couple different brands through that -- LeahLani, Pink House Organics, Han Skincare, and Organically Wonderful, just to name a few! I have been using hair products from Aveda for years and I’m not sure I’m willing to change anytime soon. Clearly I love beauty and makeup products, and I love discovering and trying out new things. My day to day makeup look consists of Glossier, Tarte, Urban Decay, Pink House Organics, Han Skincare, Pacifica Beauty, NARS, and Colourpop. 

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