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Let's Keep Looking

Transition is the defining characteristic of 2020, in my life and the lives of everyone around me.

I'm so excited to revisit this blog and project -- steady work in my field has not been possible for some time, and now, post COVID, work options are scarce. All I can do is keep looking; I'm going to keep looking for new work, for ways I can improve my community, for ways to improve the world around me, and for ways to improve my relationships. I'm going to keep looking in to matters of injustice, and I'm going to keep praying.

Looking is not only an aesthetic issue but one deeply rooted in our hearts - not only how we take in and understand our lives but the output of that process. The idea of A New Look was always to look again with a discernment and appreciation for the past. I now want it to evolve in to a critical and compassionate curiosity, one set on understanding the deep, global, societal implications of what we wear.

This is a creative, intellectual space in which I desire to grow unity with people of all different backgrounds and walks of life. May we share in our inherent, godly worth. I'm glad A New Look can morph and change alongside personal growth.

New content coming this month. xo

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